Man sentenced to 15 years for shooting Stearns County deputy with compound bow

Olson was sentenced to 15 years for shooting a deputy with a compound bow in Sep. 2019.

Man who shot a Stearns County deputy in the arm with a crossbow in a Sauk Centre home last year was sentenced to more than 15 years in prison.

Ramey James Olson, 32, was sentenced Thursday for the first-degree assault that occurred during a crime spree Sep. 13, 2018 between Osakis and Sauk Centre.

That day, Olson stole a truck in Osakis and recklessly drove through Sauk Centre, eventually crashing through a residential garage door where he parked the car. When officers entered the home to find him, he fired a compound bow at officers from the upstairs, striking Deputy Paul Orvis in the forearm.

Orvis had to undergo surgery to remove the arrow shaft and was treated for a broken arm.

Deputies returned fire inside the home after Orvis was struck, but Olson continued firing the bow until it became disabled.

After 2 hours of negotiations, officers approached him and arrested him by using a Taser. He sustained gunshot wounds to the shoulder, buttocks and hand in the initial exchange.

In Sep. 2019, Olson plead guilty to first-degree burglary and first-degree assault against a peace officer.

As part of his 189-month prison sentence, Olson will also pay restitution to all victims.