Man run over, killed by semi in Minneapolis scrap yard

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A man died after he was run over by a semi at a scrap yard north of downtown Minneapolis Thursday morning. 

Minneapolis Police Department spokesperson John Elder said the crash occurred around 9:20 a.m. in the scrap yard of Re-Alliance, a business that purchases and resells used scrap metal. The scrap yard is located on the 1500 block of North 2nd Street. 

Elder said the semi driver was backing up in the scrap yard when they ran over the victim, who was believed to be a customer at the business and not an employee.  

The victim was taken to the Hennepin County Medical Center, where he died from his injuries. 

“This is a tragedy. This is very sad," Elder said. "An individual was just operating a truck--no indication that it was carelessly, at least at this point. Another individual was just here for business and work reasons and tonight they will not be going home.”

“They’re pulling in or pulling out with their trucks and I’ve seen a few minor accidents actually in a scrap yard,” said a witness.

An OSHA spokesperson said there is nothing on record for this company, meaning there have been no complaints. There are warning signs everywhere that there is some danger and Lotus believes the company is safety conscious. He says scrappers bear some responsibility.

“I usually stay right by my truck, so I know,” the witness added. “But if somebody happens to wander off or they start BS-ing with someone else, ya know, start wandering off, they’re not paying attention, ya know, they’re gonna get hit or hurt.”

“All I can do is pray for the guy and ya know, his family that he’s going to be okay,” he added.

The Minneapolis Police Department and the Minnesota State Patrol are investigating the crash.