Man gives up 1st-class seat for woman with baby heading to CHOP

A simple act of kindness on a flight left a mother in tears. A man gave up his first-class seat to the woman and her baby on their way to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia for treatment.

On Thursday night, Kelsey Zwick was making yet another trip from her home in Orlando to CHOP so that 11-month-old Lucy could be treated for a chronic lung disease.

"I have a baby stroller, a diaper bag and extra oxygen concentrator that she needs when we fly," Kelsey said.

Lucy, a twin born 11 weeks early, stayed in the NICU for 100 days after she was born. Her sister stayed 86.

It was a rough first year for the twin girls and their parents. As soon as Kelsey boarded the flight with Lucy, she hooked her up to her oxygen machine.

"I just started making jokes to the people around me saying, 'I’m sorry it’s going to be a loud flight,'" she explained.

A flight attendant approached her.

"She’s like, 'Excuse me Mrs. Zwick, the man in 2D is waiting to switch seats with you.' I just kind of stared at her," Kelsey told FOX 29.

The flight attendant then brought Kelsey and Lucy from economy to first-class.

"I’m just standing there looking at him saying, 'Thank you, thank you,'" Kelsey said. "He just quickly smiled and said, 'You’re welcome, you’re welcome' and that was it."

Kelsey snapped one photo and posted it to Facebook.

"I thought, you know, what’s the worst that could happen," she said. "Someone would pay it forward, someone gets inspired to do an act of kindness."