Man charged in Edina strip mall fatal shooting claims self-defense

The Minneapolis man charged in a deadly shooting last weekend at an Edina strip mall tried to claim self-defense, but police say video of the event doesn't match his story, a criminal complaint details.

Kayvon Madison, 22, is charged with second-degree murder in the deadly shooting on the night of Saturday, Dec. 2.

Officers responded to the shooting around 9 p.m. in the parking lot off West 69th Street at France Avenue, near the Galleria and just south of Southdale Center.

At the scene, officers found the victim, later identified as 23-year-old Darien Roberson of St. Paul, who had been shot. Roberson later died at the scene.

Police say Madison was among the people who called 911 after the shooting. According to the charges, Madison told 911 dispatch that he had shot someone who he said "came at me."

However, speaking with witnesses, officers learned Madison and Roberson were both part of a group at a restaurant for a birthday dinner. Police said they weren't close friends and hadn't spoken since 2021, after a disagreement over the death of a friend of Roberson's.

According to the charges, police reviewed security video that didn't match up with Madison's version of events. Police said the video showed Madison and Roberson leaving the restaurant in a group. After taking some photos, officers say Roberson walked away, appearing to leave, but Madison moved towards him and appeared to say something.

The charges state that a witness told investigators that Madison told Roberson that if Roberson's friend "had made better life choices, he would still be alive." According to the charges, Roberson's friend had died of an overdose.

From that point, police say the confrontation escalated, with each man taking steps towards the other. A witness told police that Roberson said he didn't want to talk about it anymore but "[Madison] kept pushing the issue."

Then, the confrontation turned violent. The charges detail: "The video shows that at one point during the dispute [Madison] raised his hand and put his finger in [Roberson's face]. In response, [Roberson] slapped [Madison's] hand away and took a step away from [Madison]. [Madison] then pulled out a gun and shot [Roberson] five times. Upon being shot, [Madison] immediately fell to the ground."

Police say after the shooting, witnesses surrounded and restrained Madison. Roberson was struck in the chest, cheek, neck, back, and shoulder.

Madison is being held in Hennepin County Jail. He is set to appear in court on Thursday.