Mall of America retail stores to reopen June 1

BLOOMINGTON, MN - OCTOBER 14: North entrance to Mall Of America in Bloomington, Minnesota on October 14, 2018. (Raymond Boyd/Getty Images / Getty Images)

The Mall of America will reopen its retail stores June 1, the company announced Thursday.

The Governor of Minnesota announced Wednesday that the current stay-at-home order will expire Sunday and be replaced by an order allowing retailers to open stores at 50 percent capacity.

Although many stores would be allowed to open Monday, the Mall said opening June 1 will allow its tenants the time to rehire staff, train them and prepare stores with additional cleaning and social distancing standards.

Not all retailers will reopen June 1, however, the mall said.

“We understand it may be longer before some are ready to reopen,” the company said in the announcement.

All dining and attractions will stay closed until state health officials offer further guidance. Restaurants can still operate curbside and delivery services.

The mall says it is doing the following in order to ensure distancing in common areas:

  • Implementing social distancing signage
  • Redirecting foot traffic, using specific doors for entering and exiting
  • Enhanced cleaning procedures
  • Modified operating hours
  • Limiting aress to 50 percent capacity
  • Reconfigured seating

The mall is home to 175 small businesses and hundreds more national and global brands.