Maggie Nichols' mother speaks at Team USA doctor's hearing

Just a few weeks after her daughter came forward as "Athlete A," the first woman to allege sexual abuse against Team USA Gymnastics Doctor Larry Nassar, Gina Nichols took the stand at his trial to share her teary-eyed story of the consequences of his actions.

"A real doctor helps people get better," she said Wednesday in court. "A real doctor doesn't hurt them."

In all, Nassar has been accused by more than 100 athletes of sexual assault during his time with USA Gymnastics and Michigan State University, including Nichols' daughter, Maggie, a standout during her time at Oklahoma and former national team gymnast.

Nassar has plead guilty to 10 of those cases and will be sentenced following days of testimony from his victims. He faces up to 40 years in prison, and has already been sentenced to 60 years for child pornography crimes.

Nichols used her time Wednesday to blast not just Nassar, but USA Gymnastics and Michigan State as a whole, saying both organizations could have done more to protect the girls from abuse.

"All the people at USAG and MSU and the United States Olympic Committee covered it all up, and allowed this abuse to happe--to children," she said. "They're responsible, and they should take responsibility for it."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.