Madeline Kingsbury: Volunteers conduct shoreline search for missing Winona mother

It's been nearly 60 days and there are still no answers in the disappearance of Madeline Kingsbury, but those close to the missing mother of two are not giving up hope. 

"Although it's emotionally overwhelming, it's good to be back and searching somewhere that's going to be effective," said Michaela Rieple, Kingsbury's friend. 

With guidance from authorities, volunteers with Minnesota United searched Latch Island in Winona on Saturday, which had been flooded. The group helps families across the state whose loved ones have gone missing. 

No one has seen or heard from Kingsbury since March 31st. That's when she dropped her kids off at daycare with their father, Adam Fravel. Fravel told police he left her home in Kingsbury's minivan to run errands and when he came back later, she was gone. Her phone, jacket and wallet were still inside. Here’s a timeline of her disappearance and what we know of the investigation so far. 

With renewed searches also comes a push to find Maddi before her 27th birthday on June 1st. Her family is asking residents to light their homes blue, as well as tie blue ribbons around the city of Winona as a sign of solidarity and support for Maddi and her kids. 

They are also reminding the public to stay aware of their surroundings and look for anything that might help bring Maddi back home. 

"Just don't stop looking. Never stop looking. Always be aware, especially with the weather getting warmer, if you're out fishing, boating, walking, hiking, doing whatever. Just be aware. Keep it in the back of your mind," said Petra Eastling, a volunteer with Minnesota United. 

This all comes as Fravel is fighting for custody of his and Maddi's two kids, who are currently with her parents. A custody trial on that matter is set to begin in June. 

KTTC contributed to this report.