MAC complaint: TSA system at airport is 'complete failure'

Over the past few weeks, the lines at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport have been less than ideal and passengers have been making their voices heard by filing complaints with the Metropolitan Airports Commission.

Written complaints recently made public by the Metropolitan Airports Commission have a common theme: the Transportation Security Administration.

On March 7, the same day Fox 9 was talking to passengers waiting up to 45 minutes, some passengers sharing their feelings with MAC officials.

“You all are sure getting your share of TV time in the last week or so,” One complaint read. “Clearly there are problems with the way TSA is doing their job.”

Another reads simply: “The new TSA system is a complete failure.”

Just two days later, on March 9, Minnesota TSA director Cliff Van Leuven would blame budget cuts and shrinking resources on the problems at MSP Airport.

However TSA sources tell Fox 9, if there’s a problem, it is not a lack of resources.

According to TSA insiders, MSP Airport is currently 31 screening officers overstaffed.

Despite ongoing problems, however, wait times are improving. On Friday, long lines developed but quickly dissipated, leaving passengers optimistic that their travel nightmare may soon come to an end.

TSA statement

The Transportation Security Administration takes comments made by the traveling public seriously and we remain committed to working closely with our aviation partners at Minneapolis -St. Paul International Airport.  In the past year, MSP has experienced record passenger growth.  Security remains TSA’s focus and we will not compromise our mission to move travelers more quickly through the security screening process.

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