Lyme disease, tough to diagnose and hard to detect

It’s an often overlooked fact that Lyme disease comes in many forms. In the United States alone there are at least 100 active strains, some of which are not detected on current testing.

“If I had had proper longer term treatment from the start, I’m confident I wouldn’t have a lot of these longer term symptoms,” said Lyme disease victim and President of the Minnesota Lyme Association Bobby Bonine.

Bonine believes had antibiotics been administered longer in his case he may not have re-developed symptoms that persist to this day. In recent years, guidelines have changed allowing for longer treatment using antibiotics, but Lyme disease remains an often missed or mistreated disease.

“I think it comes down to two things, its inaccurate testing and no sure-fire treatment,” said Bonine.

The wide variety of strains and symptoms exhibited by those who develop it make it tough to diagnose.

Bonine cites experts who correlate a quick diagnosis and treatment with a reduction in long term symptoms.

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