Local content creator HoodieCooks talks Ramadan and food reviews

Mahad Omar, who goes by @HoodieCooks on Instagram and TikTok is inspiring others during Ramadan through his cooking.

On his pages, Omar posts cooking videos and reviews mainly halal-friendly restaurants in the Twin Cities. 

During Ramadan this year, he’s been working with other creators to host live-streamed events teaching others how to cook some of his favorite dishes. He focuses mainly on twists to African and Somali cuisine. 

Those who observe Ramadan, a month-long period observed by Muslims, fast while the sun us up, meaning they only eat and drink before sunrise or after sunset. This year Ramadan ends on May 1 with a celebration called Eid. 

This year, Ramadan, celebrated my Muslims, Passover, celebrated by Jews and Easter, celebrated by Christians, all fell within the same month. This year is the first time in 30 years all of these holidays have been in the same month.