Linwood, Minn. teen almost couldn't have life-changing surgery

Donovan Bohn was born with a multiple congenital anomalies, including a twisted shaped spine and a detached esophagus. He spent the first year of his life in intensive care.

The 15-year-old has less than 50% lung capacity and has grown into puberty. His spine has a 94 degree curve on the top and an 87 degree curve on the bottom. This is why doctors said he was right on the border of being inoperable. He almost couldn't have this important surgery.

This was Donovan's 14th surgery at Gillette Children's hospital.

"It's been really really long and painful" Donovan said.

"Had we not operated there would have been a high probably of middle age death due to his spine collapsing and all his organs around it. There wouldn't be enough room for his organs to continue to live." Donovan's dad said.

Now, after a successful surgery of putting rods and spacers in, his spine is perfectly straight. His equilibrium is slightly off because nearly everything in his body is in a new position. Donovan is already standing 2 inches taller, thanks to the doctors straightening him out.

Donovan even received a surprise from the Linwood Fire Department, they showed up to help his celebrate his happy home coming. "We've known Donovan since he was 5-years-old, he's been through a lot of adversity. It's one way to brighten his day during this Easter weekend."