Last minute change in plans for one bride's big day

Amy Hamilton had been preparing to see the first of her 10 children get married for about as long as she's had baby number 11 in her belly.

After Amy's water broke at 26 weeks of carrying baby number 11 right before her daughter's big day... Her daughter, Natalie and Natalie's groom couldn't stand the thought of Amy missing their big day... so they moved the ceremony to the hospital.

"Mom had an amazing nurse who helped out a ton." Natalie said.

"She's just been a real blessing...She went and bought rollers for my hair and did up my hair for me, I mean what kind of nurse would do that for me?"Amy said. "I just feel so loved, so loved right now that this worked out for me."

For hospital Chaplin Reverend Phil Rose, it was his very first marriage he's blessed.

"I really appreciate the way they're gathering around this couple and around mom, Amy that's just really inspiring." Reverend Phil Rose said.

Amy is expected to remain in the hospital for the next 6 weeks. Her goal is to maintain pregnancy until she's about 32 weeks along. Once that happens, doctors will be able to perform a C-section to welcome her little girl into the world.