'Armed and dangerous': Minnesota fugitive captured following SWAT standoff in Arizona

Police announced they've captured a fugitive that was involved in a SWAT situation in Gilbert on the evening of June 11.

A family inside a home near Lindsay and Germann roads called the police, saying they were being threatened by someone inside.

The SWAT situation ended without the capture of the suspect, and now he remains on the run.

The family that lives in the home did not want to comment, but neighbors say they appear to be related to the fugitive.

Police searched for 33-year-old Paris Dushawn Drake Greer. He's a wanted fugitive out of Minnesota.

At 6:30 p.m., police announced he's been captured.

Police didn't give details surrounding his arrest.

Police say offers were responding to a welfare check at the home. The caller said that Drake Greer had a gun and threatened someone inside.

The family was able to get out of the home safely.

The SWAT team tried to convince Drake Greer to come out of the house for several hours; neighbors say they were calling out to him, along with a father and brother, who could be heard pleading for the suspect to come out of the home.

After nearly six hours, SWAT team members entered the home, but Drake Greer was not there.

"We attempted all avenues of ways to get a hold of him. We had our trained officers out there, our SWAT teams. They're highly trained in negotiations and unfortunately, we weren't able to get him," said Levi Leyba of the Gilbert Police Department.

"Drake Greer is wanted in connection to this investigation and has a fully extraditable out-of-state warrant for charges related to robbery

Court paperwork says Drake Greer was convicted of theft and probation violation. He was ordered to turn himself in for a 28-month prison sentence more than a year ago.

Neighbors previously said it scares them to know he was at large – before his arrest was announced.

"Heard them banging on the doors. They were on their intercom doing calls. The dad was on the call begging for the son to come out, a brother was begging for him to come out," said a neighbor, Paula Corbin. "Has that person been there for a while? I have no idea. The police haven’t said anything to us, so we have no idea."


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