La Crosse police drug bust uncovers $1 million worth of street drugs

La Crosse police made a massive drug bust this week including more than 135 pounds of counterfeit Xanax pills and a pound of fentanyl.

Officers say the bust was part of an ongoing drug investigation on Powell Street. The pills were found by police as part of a search of a storage locker connected to the address.

The long list of items seized by police includes:

  • 135.13 pounds of pressed counterfeit Xanax in three different colors
  • 1-pound fentanyl (located next to Xanax station and most likely used in pills)
  • 1-pound counterfeit Adderall but tested positive for methamphetamine
  • 25.3 grams of methamphetamine pills
  • 77 narcotic pills
  • 250.7 grams of cocaine
  • 524 grams THC wax
  • 4 pounds of THC candies
  • 212 grams of psilocybin infused chocolate
  • 4 handguns (2 different high capacity magazines and 1 drum magazine with 51 rounds loaded in it)
  • 1 rifle (603 rounds of .223 ammunition)
  • 186 rounds 9mm, 198 rounds 45 caliber
  • $5,953 dollars
  • Automated pill press with professional mixer
  • 385 pounds of inert materials needed to make counterfeit Xanax
  • Thousands of USPS boxes ready to mail his product

Police say the estimated street value of the drugs was more than $1 million. The suspect arrested in the bust is a 28-year-old man from North Carolina.