Kim Potter set to be released from prison on Monday

Kim Potters mugshot upon entering prison (left) versus the most recent mugshot released by the DOC. (Supplied)

Former Brooklyn Center police officer Kim Potter is set to be released from prison this week, after serving 16 months behind bars for the killing of Daunte Wright.

Records show Potter is set to leave prison on Monday. A new photo shows Potter looking significantly changed since entering prison in December 2021.

Potter was sentenced to two years behind bars after being convicted of first- and second-degree manslaughter in Wright's death. When released, she will serve the remaining months of her sentence on supervised release.

The sentence was a downward departure from guidelines, with Judge Regina Chu deciding the departure was warranted due to factors including the killing was unintentional, not driven by animosity, and Potter mistakenly used her firearm.

Potter shot and killed Wright during a traffic stop in April 2021 after she fired her service weapon when she apparently intended to use her taser. After being shot, Wright drove away from the scene and crashed his vehicle a short distance away, where he was ultimately pronounced dead.

Last summer, the City of Brooklyn Center approved a $3.25 million settlement for Wright's family in the shooting. Wright's son will receive the lion's share of the settlement.