Kenyon police officer plays Santa with community donations

A Kenyon Police Officer is playing two roles this holiday season – law enforcement officer and part-time Santa.

Mike Nguyen started the tradition four years ago, posting on Facebook to see if his friends would help him deliver Christmas to a family in need.

“I’m just a conductor of the orchestra; my orchestra is pretty much all the people who are donating, helping me out,” said Nguyen.

This year, he took presents and money to help a single mom struggling to make ends meet. Nguyen later found out about another local family in need of car.

“So, I sent out a second message. I have second family, I really don’t know what I can do for this family, but I’m going to try,” said Nguyen.

Before long he had the money and the car. His holiday tradition grows year after year and Nguyen hopes will continue for many Christmas’ to come.

“We are helping one family at a time but if it grows to ten families, twenty families, bring it,” said Nguyen. 

Donations for future giving can be dropped off at the Kenyon Police Department at 709 2nd St. in Kenyon.