Justin Timberlake and Driscoll's team up to sell 'braspberries'

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Not only is Justin Timberlake a popstar, he’s also a "berry" smart inventor. He introduced the world to braspberries.  

He and Driscoll's teamed up to create an out of this world flavor combination—a braspberry—after an Instagram post of Timberlake stuffing a blueberry into a raspberry went viral. 

Since braspberries have to be created by hand, Driscoll's said the process is too labor-intensive to sell the berry-inside-of-berry treat already made. Instead they have decided to sell Build-Your-Own Braspberry kits, so people can make the sweet treat Justin Timberlake style (by themselves). 

Driscoll's decided to launch the Build-Your-Own Braspberry kits in the Twin Cities, the market they say has the highest raspberry consumption in the United States. 

The “new fruit” is available at select Whole Foods and Hy-Vee locations in Minneapolis and St. Paul.