'Just heartbroken': Former co-worker reacts to Bloomington murder investigation

A missing poster for Will Albrecht was shared online in hopes it would lead to finding him. (Minnesota United)

As a homicide investigation continues in Bloomington, the people who knew the victim are trying to process the shock of his death.

Former co-workers at Poor Richard's Commonhouse in Bloomington say Will Albrecht was quite a character who cared about other people and was a bit of a smart aleck. Now they can't believe the man they'd see on Sunday nights for beer pong tournaments has had his final last call.

"Just heartbroken,” said Chandler Wasser, a former co-worker. “I can say for everyone who knew him here, he was loved and cared for and we are all very sad right now. It’s a travesty."

Wasser says Albrecht was a server at the Bloomington bar about year ago, where he worked with the woman who was one of the three people arrested in connection with his death. The woman has since been released from custody.

"Blindsided,” said Wasser. “No idea. When I worked with her here she was very sweet. I couldn't imagine her doing something like this. Honestly, so we're all taken aback by that.”

Police found Albrecht's body Thursday afternoon in a wooded area near a middle school in Woodbury. He was last seen at a home in Bloomington a week ago, where police found evidence that turned his missing person's case into a murder investigation.

Wasser says the worst part of all this is that Albrecht leaves behind 2 ½-year-old twins. Wasser says he wants whoever is responsible for his friend's death to be held accountable so there will be justice for Will.

"It’s unacceptable what happened,” said Wasser. “There's no reason for this."

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