Jury selection narrows as Yanez trial continues

Jury selection continues in the trial of the St. Anthony police officer who shot and killed a man whose final moments were then broadcast live on Facebook.

The process is moving along rather slowly as lawyers from both sides filter through a jury pool in this high profile case.  Courts are trying to whittle a pool that began at 50 down to an acceptable 23.

On Wednesday, five jurors advanced to that round and four were dismissed.

Philando Castile's mom and sister sat in the front row, just feet away from the St. Anthony police officer who shot and killed their loved one.

“I do think it’s a thorough process,” said community activist Michelle Gross, who sat with the Castiles.

“They’re holding up well,” Gross said. “This is a strong family with strong beliefs.”

Both sides want to know about contacts each prospective jurors has had with law enforcement along with their views on race. They also want to know their media consumption and prior knowledge about officer Jeronimo Yanez and the case in general.

One African-American woman was dismissed from the panel when she said she already made up her mind that Yanez was careless and that she had a bad taste about a prior police encounter of her own.