Jacob Frey wins mayoral election in Minneapolis

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Jacob Frey will be the next mayor of Minneapolis. 

The 36-year-old city council member was declared the unofficial winner of the election after several rounds of counting Wednesday, defeating incumbent Betsy Hodges and 14 other candidates. 

Frey faced criticism throughout the election for being too young, too ambitious and not a originally from Minneapolis. But, at a press conference following his win, Frey said Minneapolis could "use some ambition." 

"I think we need someone who is going to be ambitious to transform how the city functions, bridge some of these significant divides and ultimately get results for people who really need them," he said. 

Frey said his number one priority when he takes off in January is to work with the new city council, school district and school board to create a set of values for the city. 

"Once we've established that there are core values and beliefs that we collectively hold in our city, then I'm hopeful that regardless of disagreement that will inevitably come, we can start treating each other a little better," he said. 

Frey led the mayoral candidates Tuesday night with 25 percent of first-choice votes, but did not get the majority required under Minneapolis' ranked-choice voting system. Tom Hoch was in second with 19 percent of first-place votes followed closely by incumbent Betsy Hodges, Raymond Dehn and Nekima Levy-Pounds. 

Tabulation of the second-choice votes began shortly before 9 a.m. on Wednesday, with Frey prevailing after five rounds. 

Frey represents Ward 3 on the Minneapolis City Council, which encompasses Northeast, the North Loop and downtown neighborhoods. Steve Fletcher won election to Ward 3 and will fill his seat. 

Mayor Betsy Hodges statement

Mayor Betsy Hodges posted a statement on her campaign Facebook page Wednesday afternoon congratulating Frey on his win.