'It never gets old': Fans celebrate opening day of Saints baseball at CHS Field

It’s a sign that summer is on the way in the Twin Cities as CHS Field opened its gates to baseball fans Thursday.

The lines are chalked and the grill is fired up for St. Paul Saints baseball this summer.

Thursday was a beautiful night to open the park, but Ed and Donna Goossens think it’s great always.

“The atmosphere...it’s a great stadium, they put a good product. Good ball. It’s just fun. It’s very entertaining, they have something for everyone here,” they said.

These games have been known to play host to things like the massive food fight, massive pillow fight and all kinds of fun.

This year will be no different.

Co-owner Mike Veeck says this year will come with its own unique and fun events, all kicking off on opening night because there is truly no night like the first game of the season.

“Literally everyone always says, ‘Live in the moment.’ Opening day is living in the moment and it never gets old. I guess when it gets old you’re dead or you get out of the business and I’m not dead…I don’t think,” Veeck joked.

Veeck also sat down with FOX 9’s Jim Rich and the team’s new pig mascot Thursday as part of the day’s festivities.