Investigators still seeking information on badly hurt dog found in Afton in March

Investigators with the Washington County Sheriff’s Office are continuing to investigate the case of a dog that was found badly hurt on a rural road in Afton, Minnesota this past spring. The Humane Society of the United States is offering a $5,000 reward for anyone who comes forward with information. 

In March, a couple in Afton found an abandoned and badly beaten pitbull wandering around their property. The Washington County Sheriff’s Office launched an investigation to determine whether the dog, Ritizie’s injuries were consistent with a dog fighting ring. 

On Tuesday, the sheriff’s office said they were still looking for information regarding Ritzie’s injuries or her owner. 

Sgt. Mike Benson said they have several people of interest in the investigation, but they need someone to come forward with more information. Benson said they are still not sure whether Ritzie came from Afton or was dumped there or walked there on her own. 

Anyone who is aware of any dog fighting rings anywhere in the Twin Cities metro or in greater Minnesota is asked to contact the sheriff’s office tip line at 651-430-7850. 

Benson said Ritzie was doing well as of the end of May, when he last received an update on her condition.