Incredible North Shore rescue, incredible humility

The rich and vibrant hues are starting to show in the foliage along the North Shore, but the video above is not just sightseeing footage. On Monday, rescue crews responded to an emergency in the rugged terrain below.

Lori Mildon, 61, along with a friend, started off the morning walking near the Split Rock Lighthouse about 45 minutes north of Duluth. After lunch, they got up to resume their hike when Mildon felt a pop.

“I just stood up and my hip got dislocated,” she recalled.

The excruciating pain prevented her from taking another step. She was about two miles from the parking lot where their hike began. Without any cell phone service, the women were helpless until a couple walking nearby spotted them and went to get help. Several hours later, rescue crews arrived, taking Mildon for an unexpected ride.

“My feet were lower than my head, so I said, ‘I think I’m going slip out of there.’ Guy pops out and says, ‘No you're not, you're okay,’” she said.

She safely arrived to an awaiting ambulance.

“Those are the people that deserve all the notoriety and all the publicity about it,” Mildon said. “I'm not a public person and I’m much more on an introvert”

That’s why she asked us to keep her face hidden from Fox 9 cameras, hoping all the credit goes to the people who helped her get out of this situation.  

“I appreciate the concerns of everybody, I’m sorry I caused a lot of fright for a lot of people,” she said.