In times of tragedy, Rose McGee hits road with comfort pies

There’s a reason we call some foods “comfort food.”  Food can bring back memories and break the ice for conversation. There’s a local woman who understands this concept very well and in times of tragedy or unrest, Rose McGee makes her sweet potato “comfort” pie and hits the road.

It started when she saw the riots in Ferguson, Mo. She took 30 pies to the area and found that the food made people stop, smile and share a memory.  When she came back home to Golden Valley, Minn., she felt compelled to do more with this concept back at home.

Since Ferguson, McGee has organized pie baking for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the protests at the Minneapolis Police Department 4th Precinct and Charleston, S.C.

Next, she plans to organize a delivery for Orlando in the wake of the nightclub shootings.

Rose has a small GoFundMe page set-up for donations. Shipping alone can be very expensive for a project like this. You can donate at