In the Heart of the Beast May Day Theatre celebration taking a year off

Performers participate in the In the Heart of the Beast May Day celebration. (FOX 9)

The In the Heart of the Beast Theatre May Day celebration will be taking a break next year to restructure the annual celebration, citing financial issues and concerns regarding appropriation, according to the HOBT Leadership Team.

The parade has been a staple of the Powderhorn neighborhood of south Minneapolis for 45 years. The theatre was facing financial struggles leading into this year's celebration and had previously told FOX 9 that the future of the celebration was uncertain. According to a press release, these past four months, the HOBT leaders have received feedback from the community on steps moving forward.

"MayDay in its current form is not only unsustainable financially and logistically, the creation process systematically marginalizes and appropriates the work of artists of color," read the press release from HOBT. "This cannot be allowed to continue."

Organizers made the decision to not hold a May Day parade in 2020 and instead focus on redesigning the celebration for a "stronger, more equitable" May Day in 2021.

"In the coming year, HOBT can choose either to produce the MayDay celebration that South Minneapolis has grown to know and love, or to invest our time and resources in rebuilding that celebration to equitably and resiliently continue as a valuable institution for future generations. We cannot do both," read the release. 

Leaders are planning to form a May Day Council to begin to reshape the celebration.

"We have chosen to rebuild because we truly believe it gives us the best chance at continuing the MayDay Celebration for generations to come," read the release.