IKEA and LEGO team up to create storage boxes for bricks that kids can also play with

It’s a new and simple solution to the messiness that comes with LEGOS — storage boxes.

IKEA and LEGO partnered up to develop new solutions to facilitate play at home and revealed the outcome of their collaboration on Thursday.

The collaboration, called Bygglek, is simple. White boxes, which come in various sizes are designed to store hundreds of bricks. The boxes are covered in Lego studs, which allows easy stacking, moving and and building upon.

Rasmus Buch Løgstrup, designer at the LEGO Group said, “BYGGLEK is more than boxes. It is storage and play intertwined.”

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Children can choose to store their projects inside, and proudly display their creations on top.

“What if we could turn that perceived mess into something wonderful?” Løgstrup said.

According to the companies, BYGGLEK aims to encourage play and infuse more fun into storage around the home.

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“Play is an important and powerful way for children to learn and grow. However, children and adults sometimes have different views about play and creativity at home,” the company announcement read. “IKEA and LEGO brands wanted to create a storage solution that itself offers a fun and playful experience.”

BYGGLEK can be used with any existing and future LEGO elements.

The collection will be available in existing IKEA retail channels in North America beginning Oct. 1, 2020.