After IDS Center flooding, impacted floors remain evacuated

After a rainy Tuesday night across the Twin Cities, workers in the IDS Center building were dealt another wet surprise on Wednesday as numerous offices in the IDS tower in downtown Minneapolis had flooded. Numerous floors remained closed on Thursday still.

Following a routine replacement of a water meter by the City of Minneapolis, a water expansion tank in a chiller room overflowed and impacted various electrical equipment, according to a statement provided to FOX 9 by Accesso, who owns the property.

"Work continues to safely dry out the electrical system and the impacted tenant and common areas throughout the tower," read an update by Accesso. "Floors 26 to 51 remain closed while this effort is under way. Staff has been on site around the clock extracting carpets and placing fans throughout affected areas. Once complete, Accesso will work with property staff and contractors to assess and fix any remaining damage."

The building has a total of 51 floors, with Schwebel, Goetz & Sieben, P.A. occupying the 50th.