Ice wreaks havoc on Twin Cities metro

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Authorities are warning people to stay home and stay inside to avoid the icy streets and sidewalks throughout the Twin Cities metro.

Numerous crashes were reported throughout the area as freezing rain fell on Tuesday night.

The Minnesota State Patrol responded to multiple crashes on a particularly icy stretch of US 52 near Rosemount. In one crash, a semi-tractor trailer jackknifed, blocking both southbound lanes of the highway. Two SUVs then struck the semitrailer, resulting in non-life threatening injuries to the drivers of both vehicles.

“When driving in the winter months, motorists need to remember that when the temperature is below freezing, any precipitation can cause the roadways to be slippery,” Lt. Heath Dienger said in an email to Fox 9. “Motorists should remember to slow down and allow themselves more time to arrive at their destinations.”