'I am not proud today': Former Shakopee superintendent gets emotional during sentencing

Former Shakopee Superintendent Rod Thompson, who is already in federal prison, appeared in Scott County District Court Thursday to be sentenced on state theft and embezzlement charges.

“I am not proud today,” he said during an emotional day in court. “I had a lot of time to think about this and I am very, very sorry.”

Thompson admitted to illegally using his district credit card for tens of thousands of dollars worth of personal purchases that included clothes, jewelry and travel expenses.  

It was an incredible fall for a man who once made upwards of $200,000 a year and had the trust of an entire community.

“I will make you proud that I got a second chance and appreciate this opportunity,” he said. “I am sorry for my actions.”

Judge Christian Wilton said, “Somehow you believed the rules didn’t apply to you. That you were above them. As you found out, the rules apply to all of us.”

Wilton handed down a 2-year prison term as part of a larger plea deal. He called Thompson’s actions pure greed.

Some Shakopee High School students in the courtroom gallery agreed.

“I know this is the justice system. I personally think he deserves more than 24 months, but I am biased. I’m a student in a school that was affected,” said Rachel Theis, a Shakopee High School Senior.