Hwy 55 intersection in Minneapolis a 'Bermuda Triangle' for crashes

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For the second time in less than a year, Patrick Henry High School student Braylon Wheat rushed from his home to the scene of a violent collision at the busy intersection of Highway 55 and Morgan Avenue in Minneapolis.

Wheat assisted a 21-year old male victim who apparently suffered a frightening seizure after the two-vehicle crash.

“He started fading away, drifting in and out of consciousness. I just tried talking to him like, “I got you, stay awake, stay awake’,” Wheat said.

Braylon calls the intersection of Highway 55 and Morgan Avenue a Bermuda Triangle.

It’s the same exact spot where two people were killed by a drunk driver in November 2013.

Demetrius Pendleton’s 21-year-old daughter Brandy was one of the victims of that deadly crash. He says it is now his mission to make sure people understand how dangerous an intersection Highway 55 and Morgan Avenue is. He believes traffic is moving too fast in this corridor on the edge of downtown.

“I believe it’s my duty as a father, as a parent, brother and son to make sure people know about this highway. Make sure people know not just one, but two lives were lost,” Pendleton said.

Fox 9 contacted the City of Minneapolis for comment and crash data, however, the information has not yet been processed.