Huntington Place apartment residents fed up with conditions, hope for action

Many people living inside of Brooklyn Park’s Huntington Place Apartments are desperate for a new place to call home, saying bedbugs, roaches, mice and mold have overtaken their current one.

"My hair has been falling out every time I take showers," resident Desirae James told FOX 9.

On Monday, James showed FOX 9 the mess underneath her kitchen sink.

"It doesn’t make sense how you guys have all this money and these apartments are still messed up like this," she said of the apartment complex owners.

After previously detailing the conditions of the apartments in another story, Brooklyn Park has promised the property owner, nonprofit Aeon, up to $6 million in financial assistance to improve living conditions, but residents say they haven’t seen any changes. 

"When it rains my windows is like a waterfall," said resident Luceeka Harvey.

Harvey also says she’s spent so much money on mousetraps she feels she should be reimbursed.

"I spent like $300 since I’ve been here on mousetraps," she said.

Meanwhile, Anthony Underhill says he’s now dealing with extreme mold poisoning, prompting seizures twice a day.

"It has aggravated my asthma so much that I can’t be in the apartment for more than an hour and a half at a time because of breathing issues," said 22-year-old Underhill.

On Monday the city's Human Rights Commission presented findings to Brooklyn Park’s City Council, laying out problems with mold and feces throughout and saying a majority of tenants felt angry and hopeless, while fearing retaliation for speaking out.

Residents now hope for action from their representatives, but can also find resources from a community group