Hubble finds a blue space bubble

The Hubble telescope amazes again finding a blue bubble more than 30,000 light years away.  A newly-released photo by NASA shows a star circled by a nebula.  Just think of the star in the middle as the gum and the blue nebula as the bubble blown from the gum.  The bubble is located in the constellation of Carina and is an interstellar cloud of dust, hydrogen, helium, and a host of other gases. 

A recently formed nebula in the cosmic sense as NASA scientists believe it to be about 20,000 years old and is expanding at about 136,700 miles an hour.  Despite the fact that the star that made this nebula is roughly time 20 larger than our sun, it will have a far shorter life span, ending with a cosmic bang known as a supernova likely in the next 100,000 years… barely a blink of an eye in cosmic terms.