House passes budget bills, Dayton promises to veto

The Minnesota House passed more budget bills that the governor promises to veto.

The House had to adjourn Wednesday afternoon because it's still waiting on three more bills from the Senate.

Those bills are hold because Senator Carla Nelson wasn’t in attendance. Because of the one vote majority in the Senate, without her vote, Republicans can't pass the bills. 

But the House went ahead and passed the two remaining bills it could - the transportation conference report and the tax conference report.

The tax bill alone contains more than a billion dollars in tax cuts.

Despite the fact that budget talks broke off with the governor on Tuesday and negotiating final agreements to these bills, Speaker Kurt Daudt says the legislature needed to prove that was doing its job by passing a budget.

"This is a full balanced state budget we are putting on the governor's desk now, there will be enough time to put a second full round of a full and balanced state budget on the governor's desk,” said Daudt.

Lawmakers will likely find themselves having to do this all over again because Governor Dayton sent out a stern warning to lawmakers that "They should know that I will veto every one of those bills."