House fire video: Driver saves family from fire after making wrong turn

A driver who made a wrong turn ended up saving the lives of three children and an adult as a fire ripped through their Iowa home on October 23. 

The Des Moines Register says the driver, Brendon Birt, made a wrong turn onto East Prospect Street in Red Oak, Iowa, and noticed a home was on fire. Ring camera footage shows him parking his car and running toward the home and alerted people inside. 

The Ring camera footage shows the people inside – ages 8, 14, 17 and 22 – running from the home. The mother of the four people who escaped was away in Montana with her husband at the time of the fire, Storyful says

The house was a total loss. Five of the family's seven dogs died in the blaze. 

The family of six is living in a pull-behind trailer with the two dogs that survived. A GoFundMe aims to raise $30,000 to help them buy a new home. 

Red Oak, Iowa, is located in the southwest corner of the state of Iowa.