Roseville tattoo shop offering $20 tattoos of Timberwolves player Naz Reid

Roseville tattoo shop, Beloved Studios, is offering discounted $20 Naz Reid tattoos throughout the Timberwolves’ post-season run.

Tattoo apprentices, JC Stroebel and Jesse George, say they now have more than 100 of the Naz Reid stamps planned for arms, legs, and even butt cheeks.

Martin Peckmann got the tattoo on his arm on Sunday, calling it his favorite of his 16 tattoos.

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"This right here is going to be a memory for the season," Peckmann said. "Even if we lose the rest of the series, this is still the most fun I’ve had this year watching the Wolves."

Meanwhile, during Sunday’s interview, Stroebel got word from the Timberwolves franchise: the team gifted courtside tickets for Sunday night’s game, to him and George.

"I’m freaking out, this just keeps getting crazier and crazier," Stroebel said. "Thank you, Naz Reid."

"I think we hit the summit, this is the mountain top. I don’t know if it can get any better than this," Stroebel finished.