House collapses after explosion in Jordan, Minnesota

Three people were able to escape after a two-story home in Jordan, Minnesota collapsed in on itself following an explosion Thursday night.

Emergency crews were called out to 1st Street East, between Broadway Street South and Mill Street for the incident around 8:30 p.m.

It was first called in as a fire, but crews upgraded to an explosion immediately upon arrival. Three people were inside the house when the explosion happened. Miraculously, two escaped without injury while one victim, an adult male, suffered only minor injuries, the Scott County Sheriff's Office reports.

Eight dogs were also inside the home, two adults and six puppies. The adults and four of the puppies have since been rescued, but two puppies are unaccounted for.

The sheriff's office said it's likely a natural gas leak caused the house explosion. Neighboring houses and nearby vehicles sustained damage, but no other injuries were reported. 

Jordan house explosion (FOX 9)

The investigation into the explosion is ongoing.