Hotel custodian performs CPR after 10-year-old boy goes into cardiac arrest

A hotel custodian helped revive a young boy at a St. Paul hotel, possibly saving his life. 

A 10-year-old boy was hospitalized after he went into cardiac arrest Wednesday morning at a St. Paul hotel.

According to police, at about 11 a.m., officers were called to the Quality Inn on the 1900 block of University Avenue West after it was reported a 10-year-old boy was not conscious or breathing.

An officer arrived and found a hotel custodian performing CPR on the boy. The officer called for medics and took over performing CPR. Minutes later, St. Paul Fire medics and a physician arrived, confirmed that the boy was in cardiac arrest, and began working to get a pulse.

They were able to get a heart rhythm and the boy was transported to the hospital.

Officers on scene spoke to the boy’s mother, who said he had been sleeping in a bed when she asked one of his siblings to wake him up. That’s when they discovered that he was unconscious and not breathing. Hotel staff responded to help.

Police are collecting evidence and trying to determine what caused the health emergency. No arrests have been made.