Hot, dry summer spells devastation for Minnesota farmers

This hot and dry summer has been devastating for Minnesota farmers, but meteorologists warn it is more than just a single-year trend. 

Normally, Wright County farmer Dan Glessing is growing enough feed that he can sell some the end of the season. But this year, he will be lucky if he can grow enough to feed his own livestock. 

"Every time we get missed, or the rain wasn’t quite what it should have been… how many more times can you think to yourself, ‘We’ll get it later’?" Glessing said. 

While most of Minnesota is in moderate drought conditions, FOX 9 Chief Meteorologist Ian Leonard said this is more than just a one summer fluke. He said the last several years have shown a shift in local climate towards the warmer and drier. 

"The change has been much slower than anyone anticipated, but we are moving to a different kind of climate here in Minnesota," Leonard said. 

Farmers warn that these devastating conditions will start to show up at grocery stores across the state.

"It shows up in either less products in the supermarket or less products being available," Glessing said. 

The good news is, thanks to always evolving technology, farmers have more drought tolerant hybrids than they used to, making a heartier plant that can sustain these kind of conditions.