Horse with possible contagious virus euthanized at 4-H Horse Show

A horse at the Minnesota State 4-H Horse Show at the state fairgrounds was euthanized Friday after it exhibited symptoms consistent with a potential contagious and deadly virus.

The University of Minnesota equine extension program said in a statement the horse was displaying neurological symptoms.

The Associated Press reported the affected horse was from Clay County.

The state's 4-H veterinarian Jessica Hasemann told Fox 9 the horse was tested for EHV-1. EHV-1 is a virus that can cause fever, respiratory signs and often neurological signs in horses. The sometimes-deadly virus is contagious and spreads easily between horses.

Hasemann said they will not receive the results of the test until next week.

The stall used by the euthanized horse has been thoroughly disinfected, according to the U of M. They are advising anyone with horses in the show to prevent their horses from having contact with other horses, as well as the general public. Any horses returning from the show should be isolated for 20 days and monitored daily for any symptoms related to the disease.

Approximately 640 horses were registered for the show, which runs through Monday at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. It I the largest youth horse show in the state.