Hopkins mayoral candidate says light rail would bring 'trash from Minneapolis'

The League Of Women Voters forum earlier this week was supposed to be an opportunity for Hopkins citizens to get to know their candidates for mayor. But they got more than they bargained for during some startling statements about a proposed light rail.

"The light rail to me is nothing but a tube that is going to bring nothing but riff raff and trash from Minneapolis," Hopkins mayoral candidate Bob Ivers said.

In his opening statement, Ivers said he wants to put Hopkins on the map. His comments about the light rail did just that, but probably not in the way he was hoping for.

"All the Chicago and Detroit riff raff who have moved into 'Welfare-apolis', they are going to get on that train and you know where they are going to end up - at The Depot with yours and yours and yours' granddaughters and grandsons," Ivers said during the forum.

The Depot is a popular hangout for high school-aged teens in Hopkins.

"I predict within two months of that coming here, there's going to be a shooting there at [The Depot] and everybody think about that," Ivers said.

He later shared his views on the city's efforts at racial equity.

"Hopkins is 90 percent white, ok," said Ivers. "The 10 percent coloreds and Mexicans and Asians who are here. Great. Bravo. But the problem is your little yellow train that you are all bravo about, you are going to have all the ethnics you want."

Actually, U.S. Census Bureau data shows Hopkins is more diverse than that. In fact, when Fox 9 went to the address listed on his candidate filing, the only person there was a woman who didn't speak English.

Outside The Depot coffee shop, Hopkins residents Fox 9 talked to say Ivers' comments were uncalled for.

"I think it’s silly," said Dan McDonald. "It’s ridiculous and we don't need that in our town." 

They say he will not be getting their vote come Election Day.

"I don't think the people of Hopkins would want someone like this to represent the city," Rachael Bowman said.

The last time Ivers ran for mayor, he only got seven percent of the vote.

Fox 9 also called the phone number Ivers put on his election paperwork, but we were unable to reach him for comment.