High school senior takes his grandmother to prom

Jett Kobs is a senior at Unity High School in Balsam Lake, Wisconsin.

But he decided a bring a different kind of senior to his prom.

"Especially him being a senior. To ask me to the prom with all these other gals around. No way in a million years I expected this," Kobs grandmother, Sara Brown, said.

When Jett decided to go to his senior prom, he remembered his grandma never went to hers.

"I never had the opportunity because I worked after school," Brown said. "Dancing wasn't something my parents allowed." 

So he surprised her with a prom-posal with a poster asking her to be his date that nearly brought her to tears.

"I came out and was reading it but it wasn't sinking in," Brown said. "Then I read it again. Prom. I've never been to prom. I still couldn't believe it." 

Even though she had to sign a release form first.

"No alcohol. No drugs. No booze. No drinking. Well, I can make it for one night," Brown said. "We thought we'd do those little bottles but we didn't." 

After posing for prom pictures in their color coordinated outfits, the pair made their way to the Paradise restaurant nearby for the big dance, where they received the biggest cheers of the night during the grand march.

"When we were there, people would come up to me and say this is really awesome. Even teachers and staff,"
Kobs said. "Actually I made a joke if she said no, I would put her in a home,"

To a generation that believes the young don't respect or value their elders, a grand gesture for a grandmother means so much.

"I think I made some people jealous cause I got to go to prom at my age," Brown said.

Kobs says his grandpa told him he had to have his grandma home before sunrise.

They did make their curfew, but they won't say when.