Hennepin Healthcare supports young entrepreneur while supporting healthcare workers 

The Hennepin Healthcare Foundation is using money donated to support and nourish local healthcare workers to also support local businesses like Princess Paige Lemonade.

The Hennepin Healthcare Foundation purchased more than 300 bottles of lemonade from Paige Raino, a 7-year-old from Minneapolis who is the founder, creator, and face of Princess Paige Lemonade.

"They always feel better when I give them my lemonade," Paige said. She says she wants to be a doctor when she grows up.

"We’re thrilled that our donors are supporting our healthcare heroes and we’re thrilled to use those donations to support our small businesses and our local community," said Amy Carlson from Hennepin Healthcare.

When Paige and her family dropped the lemonade off at the hospital, they were greeted by healthcare workers, including doctors, nurses, and other medical staff of color who encouraged Paige to follow her dreams.

Amy Carlson, with Hennepin Healthcare Foundation, says Paige’s lemonade will go to EMT staff. She says, right now, EMTs are responding to emergency calls every seven minutes. She says 2020 was a record year for trauma response incidents and they’re preparing for an uptick in need this spring.