Hennepin County to inspect pools before they open

Hennepin County inspectors are gearing up for this year's pool season, they'll have to sign off on more than 460 indoor and outdoor pools before they can open up for the season.

Joe Jurusik, an inspector from Hennepin County, said he generally looks for safety issues and makes sure that there is water clarity.

"We're going to test to see if there's chlorine and the other proper chemicals in the pool," Jurusik said.

Inspectors also test the drain cover to make sure it doesn't come loose. The fence also has to meet code by being at least 5-feet tall, and there can't be any openings bigger than 4 inches.

These inspections come after what happened in St. Paul on Memorial Day when two boys slipped in a long unused apartment pool after climbing under and over the chain link fence.

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