Held back by deep freeze, allergy season returns in full force

You may have already noticed, but allergy season has arrived.

Doctors say they are seeing people flooding in to get treatment right now during what experts are calling a perfect storm for allergy sufferers.

“Every time I go outside, my nose starts running,” Abby Westman said. 

“I get ear pains, sore throats…it’s miserable,” Allison Renslow added.

As spring kicks into high gear, many are reunited with the misery brought on by allergies from ash, birch and cedar tree pollen.

“It’s debilitating; you can’t go out and have a good time,” Renslow said.

“Allergy season was a little delayed this year because of all the snow, the cold temperatures. Now, we’re seeing a surge of pollen,” said Dr. John Sweet, Director of Allergy and Immunology at Hennepin Healthcare. “I’m booking out to August already for allergy sufferers."

Dr. Sweet’s Minneapolis clinic is where patients are tested to learn which specific allergy they have using this kit. 

“It will tell me exactly which pollens are causing your allergy symptoms - super easy,” Dr. Sweet said.

The clinic is also where allergy sufferers like Renslow and others go to get specially-designed injections to help manage the misery brought on by the tiny tree pollen.

“Everything has changed for me since I was on the allergy shot,” said Naheeda Hirji-Walji.

Unfortunately, the season is far from over; experts say we should see some allergy relief in October during a hard freeze.