Hector, Minn. girls' basketball team shows support for rival Madelia after devastating fire

A game between the Buffalo Lake-Hector-Stewart High School girls’ basketball team and their rivals from Madelia, Minn. was just as much about community support on Friday night as it was about competition after a fire ravaged Madelia’s main street earlier this week.

BACKGROUND - Main Street fire in Madelia, Minn. destroys nearly 10 businesses

Madelia is about 60 miles from Hector, but the team wanted to make sure their opponents felt supported in their time of need. Signs encouraged fans to “Support Madelia” as soon as they walked through the doors.

“It was kind of baffling because when I would go to Madelia and go down that street I would see all them businesses and to have them gone it's a little weird,” Kaityln Krummey with the BLHS girls basketball team said. “We were once in this type of situation too so we all know how it feels.”

The senior captain of Madelia’s team, Andrea Sorenson, has two brothers, one an EMT and the other a firefighter. Both responded to the town fire, which makes support from the opponents more of a heartfelt surprise.

“We’re over an hour away and they went out of their way to help us,” Sorenson said. “It's amazing the generosity and sportsmanship they have and it's unbelievable that they would do this for our town.” 

The support proves a rivalry can always take a bench for a much needed assist, so all these girls can instead win the game of life.

The BLHS girls will also send back subway sandwiches, cookies, flowers and bottled water so the Madelia’s girls’ basketball team won't have to stop on their trek back home.

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