'He was just everything': Wife mourns husband killed in towing accident during blizzard

A southern Minnesota family is mourning the loss of a man who died in a towing accident during the recent blizzard.

Travis Pineur loved life and the adventures that came with it, whether he was hiking in New Zealand or on a hunting trip in Alaska, the 33-year-old was always up to experience something new.

“There’s no one in the whole world that I felt more safe with and no one led me better than him,” said Megan Pineur, his wife.

Only married a few months, Megan says it was Travis' spirit that valued collecting memories rather than stuff that inspired the couple to start an adventure and hiking business called Nomad Adventures.

“I think our life goal that we made with each other was in our vows,” said Megan. “We would try to collect stories and memories to share not things. We wanted to experience all of it. That was going to be our goal.”

Tragically, the 33-year-old Morristown native was killed in a freak accident over the weekend in Rice County. He was just a few miles from home when his car was stranded in the blizzard. A good Samaritan tried to pull him out of the snow when his hitch broke off and went through the window, striking Travis in the back of the head.

“The person who was assisting him—I just feel so bad for him and how he feels,” said Megan. “He was doing Travis a favor and unfortunately what happened, happened."

She says her last message to Travis was one of love.

"I had sent [Travis] a text right at the time the dispatch call came through and it said, ‘Do you know how much I love you?’ and he never responded and that was the last time,” she said, fighting tears.

As family and friends gather to support Megan at their home, you can't help but feel Travis' presence still in the room where the couple spent their most coveted time together - just the two of them building their future and living their dreams.

“He was just everything—my leader, my rock and I’m going to miss all of it,” said Megan.

The family wants the community to know they hold no ill will towards the man trying to help Travis. They say if Travis saw someone stuck in a ditch he would certainly have pulled over himself to do the right thing.

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