Why is gas in Hastings, Minnesota nearly $1 cheaper?

Several gas stations in Hastings are selling their gas for nearly $1 cheaper than the national average of about $4.50, Gas Buddy price analyst Patrick De Haan says it’s all thanks to an apparent price war between gas stations in the city.

"It wouldn’t surprise me if they’re basically not making anything," De Haan said. "That’s pretty close to their cost and it could even be selling gasoline below their costs."

De Haan added that price wars are rare, and it’s hard to say how long they will last.

"If you want some cheap gas you should come out to Hastings," driver Dil Smith said. She’s had to cut back on her driving because of the high prices, so now she’s glad to see gas stations competing for her business.

"May the best gas station win," Smith laughed. "If I would’ve known it was three-something out here I would be out here filling my tank up faithfully."

"When I was talking to coworkers at work like hey we’re at three-something they didn’t believe me, they had to Google it themselves," driver Seth Brunner said.

Brunner is happy to spread the word about the cheaper gas in Hastings; not long ago, at more than $4 per gallon, he could barely afford to stay on the road, "It was over $100 to fill the truck," Brunner told Fox 9.

Now he’s down closer to $80 every other day, and looking to sell his 10-mile-per-gallon pickup truck as prices remain high.