Halloween trick-or-treating canceled in Wyandotte neighborhood due to cockroach infestation

Trick-or-treating is off limits in a Wyandotte neighborhood: There’s nothing sweet about bringing home a cockroach.

Officials in Wyandotte said a cockroach infestation has been confirmed at a vacant home after a tip from a trash hauler. The pests have been moving to other homes.

Sidewalks will be closed Monday night on a portion of 20th Street. City engineer Greg Mayhew said a Halloween ban will prevent "further roach migration." Officials don’t want the bugs hitching a ride on costumes.

The city is trying to exterminate the roaches but "it will take some time," Mayhew said.

Walking the street could help kill the cockroaches, but their eggs still could spread and survive, City Council member Todd Hanna said.