Group holds healing meeting for people stressed by trauma of Chauvin trial

A Mother's Love hosted a community healing session on Saturday. (FOX 9)

As the trial of Derek Chauvin enters its third week of testimony, some people are finding the proceeding emotionally draining.

But Saturday, the group "A Mother's Love" held a community conversation that aimed to unpack some of the trauma and grief.

The idea is to help with the emotional stress as many people have been following the testimony very closely. So far witnesses and experts have been testifying on behalf of the state.

Saturday, those who attended were offered tools and techniques to help cope so that any stress isn't internalized.

"We're three weeks into the trial and we're beginning to realize that some folks are just now are beginning to have to turn off the television," said Don Esther Morris-Anderson A Mother's Love. "Because it is so much information that our system is being bombarded with, that emotionally they may not be able to handle."

The gathering is part of a series of conversations A Mother's Love is hosting. In the future, you can attend in person or via Zoom if you're interested.