Edina teens launch new app to track emotions

How are you feeling today? It sounds like a simple question, but Edina teenager Taara Verma found it was a tough one to answer honestly. After tracking her emotions in therapy, she had an idea.

Sophie’s Squad 5K run

Sophie's Squad, a nonprofit organization that works to improve mental health in athletes, hosted a 5K run on Saturday. The organization was named after Sophie Wieland, a young athlete who died by suicide.

MN reviews using psychedelics for mental health

Minnesota may be setting the stage to become the third state to legalize psychedelics in some form. The 2023 legislature established a task force to advise members on the legal, medical, and policy issues surrounding the use of these drugs by doctors.

How mental health disintegrates during extreme heat

The Real Minneapolis delivered water and frozen treats during extreme heat to help the unhoused population with their physical health, but doctors say high temperatures can also damage mental health.

Can’t find a mental health provider for your family? You’re not alone

A new report from the Bowman Family Foundation, a non-profit that works to improve the lives of people with mental health and substance use conditions, shows 57 percent of patients who sought mental health or substance use care didn't receive it in at least one case between January 2019 and April 2022. That's compared to 32 percent of patients who sought physical health care.